I have people signing up for my site without making a purchase - how?

When a new customer signs up to your site you will receive an email to say that a learner signed up to your school, followed by an order notification.

On occasion you may only receive the first email. What this means is that somebody signed up for a user account with your site, but didn't go on to make a purchase.

The most likely reason for this is that the person dropped off partway through the checkout process - the first stage of checkout for the customer is signing up for a user account, and then they're asked for their billing information.

All this means is that the customer may need just a little more encouragement to go ahead and sign up, and the great news is that you now have their email address in your list of users on Thinkific.

To follow up with these users, you can head to the Users page of your admin dashboard, select Advanced Search, and then apply the filters 'Has Made a Purchase' and 'False'. If you're on any paid plan, you'll be able to email these users directly from this page (more info here), or if you're not ready to upgrade yet you can always export the list of users as a CSV and then contact them outside of Thinkific.

Pro-tip: Automating your follow-ups

By integrating your Thinkific site with an email marketing software you'll be able to completely automate these follow-ups - a great strategy for chasing up any missed chances for revenue with no time needed on your part beyond the initial setup.

For example, if you're using ConvertKit - set up a tag to be applied to a user when they sign up for your site that adds them to your follow-up mailing list, with an email scheduled to be sent out one day after the person is added. Set up a second tag to be applied to a user when they make a purchase, so that only people who drop off partway through checkout will receive your email. More on ConvertKit here

If you're using another mailing software, e.g. MailChimp, AWeber (basically anything!), you'll be able to set up a similar system via Zapier. More on Zapier here

Any questions about this? Please leave us a comment below and we'll be happy to lend a hand!

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Zapier link on this page is broken. you can still search on Zapier or Mailchimp directly

Hey Octavia!

Thanks for keeping us on our toes!

I've fixed the link in question.

I have several courses that are all private for the time being. I do have a few people who I have invited to test out a couple of the courses. Do I need to issue them a coupon? I notice that when they go to a course landing page and try to enroll they are stopped and told to email me. But the emails never tell me which course they are interested in enrolling in. Since I have to manually enroll them, this is a bit frustrating. I can't see the need for the coupon at all either. Perhaps coupons are just for public courses?


I just tried to do this filter...there is no option to mark FALSE to get this list

Hi there!

When you set a course as private, you would have to manually enroll the student on the admin dashboard. Private courses blocks students from trying to enroll so you would have to do it on the back end as a site admin. You can change the text of the private course message under Modify Site Text on the Advanced settings page.

For coupons, yes, these can only be used for public course.

Hi Baldeep!

We recently update our Users page but I'll pass this feedback on to our product team. You can instead use the filter 'Amount spent' 'is equal to' '0'. 

This will give you all the students that have not bought any course on your site. Another option would be to export a users report and you can use your spreadsheet software to filter for students that don't have any enrollments. 

Hi there!

How can I do a completely free course for members of our community, should I use coupons or put the courses as public? please help. with a free account

Hi Carlos,

It depends on who you want to be able to sign up for the course. If it's OK if anyone comes along and signs up, then you can simply publish the course as free. If you need to restrict access to a certain group you can either set a price and then give out coupon codes, or don't set a price but make the course hidden. Please note that both coupons and hidden courses are part of our paid plans.

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.




We've had someone enroll in one of our hidden classes, without paying.  The notification email said she came through BING. 

We have emailed the link to students in the past, so they can bookmark the class.  We're wondering if others are emailing that link around, and that allows new people to gain access without paying?  And now that link seems to be permanently on BING for some reason.  So perhaps we need to change the url to the course?

We unenrolled this woman, but very curious how she was able to get access to the curriculum without paying. 

Any advice you may have on this, would be appreciated.

Hi Erin!

Was the course always hidden? Once a course is set to Hidden it will no longer be indexed by search engines but if it was ever public it's possible it got picked up, briefly. It's also possible that if someone posted the link publically that it could have been found by Bing. Changing the URL is definitely what I'd recommend. 

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