How can I add presentations to my course?

There are a lot of different ways that you can create presentations for your Thinkific course. The best option for you will really depend on what you're looking for in terms of student experience.

To help you decide, below we've included an overview of the main options...

1. Presentation lesson type

Thinkific has its own, built-in presentation creator that allows you to upload your Powerpoint and Keynote slides as a PDF file and then record audio over each slide.

In the course player one slide will be displayed to the student at a time with the audio auto-playing, and they can hit 'Next Slide' to navigate through the presentation (example here).

More information on the presentation lesson type can be found here.

2. Screen recording software

You can also create video presentations by recording your screen with the slides on it and your audio at the same time.

The difference with this in terms of student experience is that the student can simply watch your presentation as a video without needing to click through the slides, and any animations, etc. that you've added to your presentation will be in tact as opposed to the static slides of the presentation lesson type.

There are some excellent screen recording softwares out there that allow you to create and edit professional quality videos - e.g. check out Screenflow (Mac only) and Camtasia. There are also some free softwares for this too - e.g. did you know that Quicktime (which comes pre-installed on most Macs) includes screen recording functionality?

3. Interactive content

If you've created an interactive presentation that includes buttons, animations, quizzes, etc. then, provided that you have it hosted somewhere online, it can be included in your course using the multimedia lesson type.

Examples of this kind of content that we have customers on Thinkific using include lessons created on Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, iSpring, Prezi, and more!

If you don't already have your content hosted online then we are able to host any content available in HTML5 format as part of the Business plan and above.

Got another kind of presentation content, and you'd like to know how it would work on Thinkific? Simply leave us a comment below :)

Hi Kay

In this case a Presentation Lesson may not be best as it will not provide the overall functionality you want. Instead you may want to look at using a Multimedia Lesson type that you can reference a URL for a published web page.

The idea being that you would use either Power Point or another platform to create the more design required content and then that would be hosted on a webserver. You would then reference that website or URL within the Multimedia Lesson. 


I teach the astonishingly useful Latin language, and I want to be able to reveal one line at a time (I'd really rather do one word at a time, but I believe that is not possible at this time). I can set up the PP animation to do this, with me clicking when I want to reveal another line. 

What keeps happening is that when I save the PP as a pdf and then upload it into a Presentation in Thinkific, the animation is not retained, and the whole page loads instead of just the first line. Is there a workaround?

Ideally, what I want to do is to reveal the first word in a sentence, talk about how that word would have come across to a Roman, then reveal the next word in the sentence, talk about how that word would have come across and how it would have started to expand or limit the possibilities of the meaning and use of the previous word, and then reveal the next word, and so on.

I could work around the limitation of having to reveal a whole line at once, if I did something like the following:


Thais habet

Thais habet nigros

Thais habet nigros niveos


but this isn't very elegant.

And I can't even get the program to do this.

Can what I want to do be done? On Thinkific?

Many thanks!

Hi Howard!

Videos uploaded and presented in a Video lesson use Wistia as the video player which allows for skipping through the video as need be.

The 20 slide limit is a technical limitation to the number of slides. Your audio voiceover can be of any length.

Hi Mike

With Thinkific Presentation Lesson, you can only add voice over to a presentation file once you import your slides in PDF format.

If you wish to have a slide deck with animations and voice over within the file itself, you would have to do this using Power Point or other software and then upload that as a file to download perhaps. If you provide such a file in HTML5 published format then we could host that file and you could use a Multimedia Lesson type to then present it.

However for you what you describe is not fully possible in Thinkific with the lessons that are available.

I uploaded a pptx file and want edit it, add animations and audio clip voice over in Thinkific. I don't see these functions in the free trial version. Will we be able to do this in the Business package?

Thanks Catherine,

Yes, i can make a video with the audio. Would the student be able to stop the video and go back to review an earlier part if they want to?

I also have another question, is the limit of 20 slides in presentation mode an absolute rule? I sometimes produce a deck with only 4 ot 5 slides that lasts 15 minutes and then one that lasts maybe 6 minutes with 30 slides or more. It is the overall time that should be limited, not the number of slides. More slides can make for a more lively and engaging lesson.

Thanks for your help,


Hi Howard,

Ah I see. It isn't possible to upload existing audio files to our Presentation lesson type at this point in time. If you save your presentation from Powerpoint as a video, does it include the audio? If that works, then you could add the video to the course using the Video lesson type. If not, you could put together your slides and audio in a video editing software - e.g. Windows Movie Maker, iMovie - and then upload that to Thinkific.

If you have any further questions about this, feel free to get in touch!



Thanks for this reply Catherine. However, I have already recorded the audio as sparate files and then inserted the files slide by slide into the PPT. Is there a way I can use these same files to the add to the pdf in presenter mode without having to rerecord them.

Thanks again for your help,


Hi Howard,

Welcome to Thinkific! With our Presentation lesson type, students will be able to easily navigate back and forth between your slides, so I would suggest checking that out!

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all,



I am new to online courses so forgive me if this is a basic question. I have created a course made up of 10 twenty minute PPT decks all with audio on each slide. I would like them to run as a slideshow but to allow the students to go back and forth if they want to. How do I go about doing this?

Thanks for your help,


Not being able to simply drop a ppt file into the lessons as a presentation without having to convert it to another format has become a deal-breaker for me, I'm afraid.  I'm going with a different platform that allows this to be done directly.

Hi Connie! 

For option 2, you would be creating a video of the presentation. You would then upload the video file into a video lesson. There is no limit on how long the video can be but the size of the file has to be below 2gbs.

In option 2, using screen recording, describe how such a presentation is uploaded into Thinkific.  Does the 20-page limitation still apply? If yes, then each segment of 20-slides will be interrupted when the Learner switches to the subsequent set.  

OR can such a presentation be uploaded as a video?

If yes, what are the task sequences for this?

Thank you.

Hi Susanne!

You can export your powerpoint presentation as a video. Then upload this video into your Thinkific course. Another option is to convert the powerpoint file into pdf and upload it into a presentation lesson. You would have to re-record the audio again if you decide to go through this option.

I have a PowerPoint presentation with a recorded voice over. When a student clicks on it, the slides progress automatically along with hearing my voice. I don't see how to upload that to be a lesson. Is there a way?