Am I able to pre-sell my course?

We have some instructions on pre-launching your Thinkific course (something we strongly recommend) here.

But how about if you're also looking to get the ball rolling on sales and presell your course too? No problem - here's how to set that up on Thinkific:

Step 1. Create your landing page

Once you’ve created your compelling sales copy (you can use this blog article to help you), build your landing page on Thinkific - here’s how.

Step 2. Set up your pre-launch pricing

If you're offering a special early-bird discount, mention that in your sales copy. You can either use our coupons feature for giving out the discount or simply set the pricing as the discounted rate for now (this can always be changed later).

Additional tips:

  • Include a quick welcome/thank you message as a text lesson or a video so that anyone who opens the course player once they sign up isn't simply dropped into an empty course.
  • As you're working on your content, prevent students from seeing it until it's ready using our draft content feature or a drip schedule.

Follow these steps and you'll be ready to pre-launch and pre-sell!

Any questions? Let us know below!

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Thanks for this. How do I publish my sales page without publishing my course?

Hi Melissa!

You will need to hit Publish button for your course to make your sales page live, but that doesn't mean the course itself has to be live too. You can set your content to draft or use a drip schedule to keep it hidden until it's ready.

If you're not taking enrolments for your course yet, you can also set it as private to remove the buy/enrol button from the landing page or follow these instructions to set up a pre-launch landing page.

I hope this helps!



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Hi Catherine,

The course I've created will run for three weeks. I'd like to offer it once every couple months, and I'd like to take enrollments between courses (and when a current course has already started). Could you please explain how I can do this?

Thank you!

Hi Hilary!

Sure :)

The best way to do that would be to run your course in cohorts - that is, have different versions of the course for each time you offer it (e.g. a January course, a March course, and so on).

To do that, you just need to set your course up once and then duplicate it to set up for your next cohort.

For each course I'd recommend setting up a drip schedule based on calendar date to control when your content will be available for students.

So, for example, that means you'll be able to start pre-selling your March course now but the content won't be available to your students until March.

And then for students who enrol in April, they would have access to all content already released.

I hope that helps, but if you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us at



Thank you, Catherine! That makes perfect sense!

These Q and A's have helped me SO MUCH.  Thank you!  :)


Yay! Glad we could help Elizabeth :) :)

I'm fairly new. What link to I use to advertise my online Academy as a whole instead of individual courses?

Hi Karen!

You can send them the link to your site landing page (homepage). If you're using a Thinkific url it will look something like 

You homepage will list all the courses that you have published and ready for student to enroll in. 

Hope this helps!

How can I add the countdown I see in the theme? I am pre-selling the course and the countdown until the release date is perfect for the case (that is why I chose this theme) but I can't find it anywhere. Thanks in advance!

Dessy Vassileva

Hi Dessy!

The countdown timer is available on the Altitude theme. You can take a look at this article for instructions on switching themes:


Hi im looking to moving my course over , I currently sell my course via facebook adds that lead to a recorded webinar - then they click to buy at the end of that . Just wondering if there is an intergrated system so that i can have the recorded webinar with in thinkific ? Or if not is there a recorded webinar platform that you recommend ?I already have over 1000 course members so will sign up for the business plan to get some help with the onboarding.



Hi James!

You can simply upload the video recording into a course as a video lesson. You can then put a price on this course. If you're using a platform like Zoom for your webinar, you could also place this inside a course using a multimedia lesson

If I have already sold my course (say at a live event) how can my students enroll without having to go through a sales page?