How are students notified when new drip content is released?

Our drip schedule feature allows you to release your content to students over time.

Right now, emails are not automatically sent to students upon the release of content (we are planning to introduce that in the future though!)

For the meantime, a great option is to switch weekly reminder emails on for your site from the Notifications page of your admin dashboard - these are sent out every Monday to any students with new/incomplete course content.

Or, if you'd like to set some emails up to mirror your drip schedule, then you are able to do that in any email marketing software (if you're not already using one, check out MailChimp or ConvertKit).

All you need to do is set up a series of emails scheduled to match your drip schedule.

You can then link your Thinkific site to the mailing list for that email schedule, so that any signups to your course are automatically added to the list. (Depending on which program you're using, it could either be handled via direct integration or Zapier).

Any questions about this? Leave us a comment below!

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Is the Drip feed auto email solution setup yet? This would integrate into my weekly course very well.

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Hi Malin!

You could link to your site, or to the sign in page.

What may be even more streamlined is if you link directly to the first new lesson within the course player. If students are still logged in, then they'll be dropped right in at the new lesson!

To find the direct link to a lesson, you can grab the URL from the browser address bar whilst previewing it as a student.



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HI Catherine, 

Just wondering.. is the drip feed auto email feature available yet? I am just setting up a year course and want to let people know 31/62/93 days etc after they signup? It would be so fab if it is, or is coming in upgrade next week!



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I would love to see notifications added to the drip schedule.   Looks like several users need this feature.

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Hey Oliver. I second what Chris said. 

The method you have suggested is super clunky and let me explain why. 

Active campaign does not talk to Thinkific in terms of drip content, so the schedule I have with active campaign may not align with thinkific. For example an email may go out 1 hour prior to the drip content being released on that specific day. My customers get the email and go to log in... The page cannot be displayed because thinkific is still 1 hour away from releasing the content. My customer emails me asking for support, creating a really bad customer experience. Not to mention the work I have to do apologising and fixing the problem to said student/s. This is why I am yet to use the drip content feature even though it's really necessary in my business. 

On the subject matter of active campaign can you guys please fast track your integration with active campaign. Teachable and most other SAAS integrate really well with Active campaign. With the 100's of integrations that Active campaign has I know it's not them slowing down this process. Zapier is cool but just an added an cost. 

Many thanks. 


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Hi Katrina!

The first step would be to set up a campaign in ActiveCampaign, so that when somebody is added to the list for the campaign, they'll receive an email every 7 days after that.

Then in Zapier, set up your Zap so that when somebody enrols in your course they'll automatically be added to your list in Active Campaign. We have some information on setting up a Zap here - the basic process is always the same. In your course, you'd choose Thinkific as the Trigger app (and then choose the specific course that the Zap is for). ActiveCampaign will be your Action app.

This should help you get started, but if you give it a try and get stuck, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll point you in the right direction.



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So I see that this thread started over 2 years ago.  And this is pretty basic functionality for online course platforms.  It shouldn't take two years to develop and implement!  Please provide a status update and estimated date of availability, not just a statement that it is on the list.  Thank you!

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Hi Carrie

Thank you for your feedback - we do appreciate it and do acknowledge that development is not always as quick as it should be nor does it seem to address the issues customers want. We are aware that this is a popular request and something we are looking into however with any feature or solution we provide we always want to be sure we provide the absolute best solution there can be and that can involve investigation and then looking into what resources are available. This all is measured against other high-demand features as well. Right now, there is no ETA or indication I can give that this feature will be addressed. I will be sure to pass along to our development team how important this request is.

Thank you!

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This request is from a year ago .... concerning this has not been changed yet

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Hi Andy!

Thanks for the information!

I can understand that this is not the ideal solution and you can definitely submit this request straight to our product team through this link:

In the meantime, on Active Campaign can schedule your emails to be sent out at specific times, down the hour and minute. Our Drip schedule is based on 12am UTC time so you can coordinate your emails to be sent after the lessons is released (eg one hour after). 

Hi Chris!

We don't have this feature available yet but you can definitely send your request through so that we can put you down as another vote to get this implemented. In the meantime, you can create the email campaign using an external email marketing platform!

Hope this helps!


I am using Drip instead of ConvertKit or Mail Chimp will it integrate with my Thinkific courses for my clients?  Does Lead Pages also integrate with Thinkific?  I have just changed over to annual membership with you so I am hoping you can as I know Kajabi does.

Look forward to your response.

Kind Regards,


Hi Michelle

Currently Thinkific does not have a native integration with Lead Pages as we do provide the ability to create your own Landing Pages within Thinkific. You may be able to use Zapier to communicate between the two platforms if need be.


I have set up a drip schedule so that people will get access to content each 7 days. This will happen over 14 weeks.  

I would like to develop an automation in Active Campaign that goes to them each 7 days to let them know that the new content is available but how do I link Thinkific to Zapier and then to Active Campaign, so that Thinkific tells active campaign that a user has joined and then that user joins the active campaign automation?

I cant seem to find this information on this site or on Zapier.



And in my scheduled emails (using mailchimp) should I just include the link to my courssite? (I´ve done that, but is that the best way of doing it?)