How can I collect assignments from my students?

There are a ton of different ways that you can collect coursework, assignments, etc. from your students on Thinkific!

Here are a few options to get you started:

1. Quizzes - add a quiz to your course to test your students with multiple choice questions.

2. Surveys - add a survey to your course to collect written (i.e. long-form) responses to questions.

3. Discussions - have students upload documents to a discussion lesson for group assessment/feedback by you and the other students.

4. Dropbox file request - for private submission of coursework and projects from students, Dropbox's file request feature will work great alongside your course. Find out how in this article.

If these options aren't quite what you're looking for,  or if you've found an inventive way of assessing your students that you'd like to share, please add to the discussion below!

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It covers most of our reporting and documenting needs, except for one: if it were possible for the student to print a quiz result in a pdf or paper form (through a dedicated button maybe?), and for it to show his/her name and the date on which it was taken, the quiz tool would be close to perfect. I know you offer an integration to answer certification needs that are much more broad and complex, but paying more than we do for Thinkific just for the testing does not make sense when a simple print would do. Maybe just enabling the browser printing feature? I tested a few solutions (only with Firefox) but it wouldn't give a good result (all the visual disappears, no clear score, etc.). Anything in the works? Thanks!

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Hi Claudia,

Interesting request! It's not something we support right now, but I've flagged it as a request for the future.

For now, you could send students their results manually after taking the quiz, but I'd actually recommend just using the integration with Accredible available as part of the Business plan ($99/month). As part of the subscription, we cover the costs of your Accredible account for you :)

More on our certificates feature here.



I've already set up this certificate feature, which is perfect for half of our regulatory need. Great integration BTW... I'll be on the lookout for the new quiz printing feature, if it ever makes it through competing development requests. ;o) Thanks a lot Catherine!


I created a survey but somehow am not seeing how to read the responses. 

Hi Michelle!

You'll be able to access the responses under Reports > Quiz & Survey on your admin dashboard.

I hope that helps, but if you have any further questions just let us know at



My certificate will be titled "Certificate of Awareness" on the Accredible platform I am hoping though, that once i'm a premium thinkific that i can issue the certificate Links to my students , from the very first course chapter they partake in. this is a market strategy for me and i hope to increase course completion rates by doing this. I am thinking of the following steps 1. create a zap trigger whenever a student completes a chapter successfully. 2. the trigger will connect thinkific to Accredible and Publish a certificate as a result (the certificate will show the student's chapter grade as against the overall achievable grade) which means Accredible will be able to access student grades as the student progresses thru the chapters graded quizes using the zapier integrations. 3. the published certificate link will be sent to the student so that students can start sharing their progress. since everyone sees your certificate of awareness... you will want to increase your awareness level by completing the course. 4. Update the certificate of Awareness everytime the student completes a new chapter... thereby signifying a higher level of Awareness I'd like to know what information thikific can send to Accredible through Zappier on a course chapter basis and if that information includes the quiz grades

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Hi Kenneth,

Interesting idea! Our Zapier integration only fires on course completion, not chapter completion, so you won't be able to set things up in this exact way right now.

What I would suggest if you need this feature would be to split your content out into separate courses, with a certificate associated with each one.

You can also set it up so that they can share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc whenever they complete a course.

If you'd be interested in chatting about this in more detail, feel free to get in touch with us directly.



I need the ability for students to submit a design (usually an image, PDF or video) before completing the course or before completing a specific lesson. That submission is then checked by the instructor and approved or not accepted (with notes from the instructor on why and the ability for students to resubmit).

How do I get this done?

Hi Josiah,

I would recommend having the students submit that design to you via the Discussions feature (if it can be public to other students), or via email, Dropbox, a Survey lesson...whatever works for you.

You won't be able to prevent a student from completing the course, but you can hold off from issuing them with a completion certificate, for example, until the assignment has been marked by you.

Do you think that would work?



The survey feature might work. How do I allow them to upload files in the survey lesson?

Hi Josiah,

Students can't upload files to survey responses right now, so it might work better to have them upload the files somewhere else (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive). They can then send you an email or, if you like, add a link to the files in a survey response.



Just working on our site for future courses that we already have active on a Moodle site. I am going to hold onto a wish that you consider a way other than Dropbox for students to upload private assignments [assignments in our case = visual images such as jpegs and pdfs of a limited size]. Having an outside platform adds another layer to the course administration, but I am sure you are aware of that. 

On the survey option, if there were just an option to upload an image [a JPG or PDF, with a restriction as to size], that would completely solve the issue of uploads for many instructors. It would then not force us into a Dropbox situation which is an extra platform. Thoughts?

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Hey Cathy!

Thanks for the feedback! Our Survey free text question type does not currently support adding images or PDFs, however, the Discussions feature in Thinkific does. You can learn more about Discussions here.

Thanks again!

- Aaron

Hi -- I'm trying to create writing workshop here on Thinkific. There will be weekly live lectures, which will be recorded and then posted to weekly lessons. Each week I'll also post assignments. How would students upload their work (ie Word docs)? I can't seem to find an actual way to do this via Discussions. Furthermore, is there a way to make student assignments public so that others can view/comment on their work? Thanks for any suggestions or work-arounds. -Paul