What Terms and Conditions should I use for my site?

Exactly what your T&Cs should be will vary from site-to-site, but if you're not sure where to start then you're able to use the terms from our CEO, Greg's, site as a starting point.

Check that out here:

Once you're ready to add your terms of use to your site, head to Basic Settings > Sign In/Sign Up Settings on your admin dashboard and select 'Users must agree to Terms of Service' - you'll then be able to add in the text for your terms.

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I set the terms and conditions.  When I go to purchase the course there is a box that must be checked to agree to the terms but the terms are not there for me to review.  How can the student see them before they check the box?

Hi Mike!

I checked out your site and a link to the T&C's is there. It just blends in a little right now because the link text is the same colour as the other text for your site (see below)

The link text colour is based on the branding colour set for your site (from the Branding page of your admin dashboard). So you can go there to change it if you'd like to.

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



Hi Catherine, 

Can you expand on how to find the terms and conditions area to update? I went to Basic Settings but I see no option for Sign in/Sign up after that?? I've searched the whole page and other buttons but no sign of it.

I want to write a piece in there that customers will need to agree to proceed, but I need to find it first!



Hi Jane

You would be looking for the below section there and should be available. I would suggest making sure you are logged in as the Site Owner account and if you still are not able to find these two select boxes, then I would send in an email to our support desk so we can take a closer look!