Is my content secure on Thinkific?

As you’re getting started with Thinkific, you may have concerns about who’ll have access to your content and how safe it is against download, sharing, and so on.

The first thing to note is that there’s no way for anyone to gain access to your course material without purchasing it; content within Thinkific courses is not available for indexing by search engines, for example.

We take security very seriously and ensure that unauthorized users cannot access your course material - only students with active accounts are able to log in.

We also make it easy to prevent normal downloading of content in order to combat this type of issue. For example, when adding video, audio, and PDF content to your course, you’re able to choose whether a ‘Download’ button will be included in the course player. Right-click is also disabled within the course player for video lessons (so students are unable to right-click and save a video without your permission).

The overwhelming majority of people who will pay for access to an online course are honourable, and so content piracy is not something we’ve seen on our site specifically, but if this is of particular concern for you we’ve included some recommendations for discouraging unauthorized sharing of your content below:

1. Have a course that is made up of multiple types of media - having lots of types of content makes recreating the course experience next to impossible outside of our system (where you wouldn't be able to take quizzes or surveys, participate in discussions, navigate presentations, view your progress, etc.)

2. Make your course experience include a significant discussion component - if a large part of the value of your course is discussion between other students and yourself, that can't be recreated even by getting a hold of videos, for example.

3. Watermark your videos and PDFs - add a watermark to your video and PDF content (that includes your logo, copyright statement, etc.) in a place that makes it hard to remove.

So please be assured that we do take every possible step to protect your content on Thinkific. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch.

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I loaded a PDF and I was still able to open another browser and downlaod it. It took me to a different window where I could use that feature.


Hi Sheree!

Thanks for getting in touch.

Most browsers' PDF readers do include "Download" buttons. Sadly these are specified by the browser itself and so it's not something we can control right now (please be assured that if we could, we would!)

Our biggest recommendation for protecting your content, including PDFs, is to make sure it's watermarked in a place that's hard to remove. That should discourage most people from redistributing your content, and even if they do, it means that you'll be credited!

We are also looking into options for removing this "Download" button for PDFs in the future. No ETA on that right now, but it is definitely on our radar as we know that content security is of the utmost importance to our customers.

If you have any further questions about this at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



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Hi, I found a workaround that will prevent most people from downloading your PDF files. I put my PDF into Google Drive and turned off downloads. Then from there I just embedded the PDF into a text/HTML module on my Thinkific program. They can either view it on Thinkific or open it on Google Drive. Either way, they will not be able to download it. :)

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Hi Matthew,

Awesome, I'll check that out :)

Thanks so much for sharing!


How can I cancel the download option on videos in my courses? On laptop and iphone the option is off, only in android it exists, I checked it on galaxy s7 with google chrome app if it matters, no other add ons or anything else

Hi Dan!

Thanks for letting us know abut this. If you can send an Urgent message to our support team, we'll do some digging for you.



Same here the videos are downloadable in Android devices. So user can download a video even though the download option is turned off


For anyone who is having the issue with videos being downloadable on Android devices -

This was an issue in the older version of our course player, which we've now fixed with our V2 version!

Khanum - if you upgrade to the new course player (here's how), you should see this issue resolved :)

I hope this helps, but feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions at all.



How do I add a watermark to a PDF file?


Hi Sandy!

You can follow the instructions on this page to add watermark to your pdf files:

Hope this helps!

Thanks Oliver!

Presentation files in my course have downloadable audio when using Chrome (download arrow appears next to the volume button in the audio slider). It doesn't appear in firefox (those are the only two browsers we can use or the audio is not supported). I can't see anywhere in the course builder where i can turn off audio downloads. HELP!!!

Hi Dalton!

You can switch to the newest version of the course player. This version will not show the download bottom on Chrome browsers. To switch version, head into the Basic Settings page on you admin dashboard and scroll to the bottom. Then check the option under Update Course Player. 

Hope this helps!

THanks so much! This is great! I really appreciate the quick reply.