How do I capture emails from visitors to my site?

Growing your mailing list is the one of the best strategies for marketing your course because, by giving you their email address, people are letting you know that they're interested in your content and that they're happy to hear more from you.

Once somebody is on your list, you’re free to reach out to them about new content, promotions...basically anything that will bring them back to your site and signing up for your courses.

To maximize the number of subscribers to your list, when promoting your course online, include a link to a landing page that includes an email capture form.

Regardless of which tool you’re using to manage your mailing list, email capture can be easily added to your Thinkific site - below we list a couple of the most popular options and show you how to use them on Thinkific.

***Do you recommend a different tool that you’re not seeing listed here? Leave us a comment below!***

SumoMe (

SumoMe make a bunch of free apps to help you with marketing your online content! For email capture, check out: 

You can find instructions for adding SumoMe apps to your Thinkific site here.

MailChimp Forms (

If you’re using MailChimp for your email marketing, you can easily embed an opt-in form for your mailing list on a Thinkific page.

Simply create your form and generate your embed code on MailChimp (here's how). You'll then be able to paste that code into the HTML (<>) view for your Course Description to add the form to your landing page.

Hello Bar (

Hello Bar is a user-friendly tool for adding bars, modals, etc. to your website to help you achieve a variety of marketing goals, including growing your mailing list.

To install Hello Bar on your site, select the option for 'I can install code myself' (trust me, you can!) and paste the code that they give you under Advanced Settings > Site Footer Code on your Thinkific admin dashboard.

And that’s it! Now head back to Hello Bar to get started with creating and customizing your bar.

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So in this aspect does Thinkific function in the same way as lead pages? For my course (I'm already a thinkific customer) I want to have a link on a FB post which leads them to a landing page where they can put in their email and get my lead magnet. What role can Thinkific play in this (if any)--as opposed to me purchasing Lead Pages?

Skip Johnson

Hi Skip,

Yes, you don't necessarily need Leadpages to have landing pages and capture emails. Each Thinkific course does come with its own landing page, into which you can embed an email opt-in form to capture emails.

Alternatively, if you put your lead magnet inside a free course or make it free trial content, you can capture emails that way too. (When users sign up for that course, they'll give you their email. That will be stored in your Users list on Thinkific, but you can also add it to your mailing list automatically using one of our email integrations (e.g. Mailchimp, ConvertKit).

I hope that helps!



 Hi, is there a way I can automatically add new course users to my convertkit email list? I've added the API. Do I still need to create a separate form for them to opt in to or is there some way I can populate the list with their details without having to export a CSV and do it manually?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Shola,

Absolutely! We offer a ConvertKit integration, available on any of our plans - more on that here.



I want to use Aweber and offer a free trail of courses as a lead magnet.  My issue with this is that Aweber requires a double opt-in, which I agree with, and Thinkific does not.  Therefore they can put a bogus email address into thinkific and get access to the free trial, and completely ignore the aweber confirmation email that gets generated.  Then I actually don't have their email address but they've consumed my lead magnet.  If thinkific could offer a confirmation email requirement, then I could turn off Aweber's confirmation requirement as well on import.  Is there anyway around this?

Hi Adam,

We don't offer email confirmations/validation at this point in time - is this something that has come up for you in the past?

If so, my suggestion would perhaps be to have the lead magnet sent out in an automated email from AWeber, rather than housed on Thinkific.

Or, you could switch off AWeber's confirmation email. At least that way your good leads are getting on your list, with as little friction as possible. Hopefully the people who put in bogus emails will still come back you at some point, particularly if you make sure your lead magnet is branded with your logo, site link, etc.

Sorry I can't be of more help on this occasion. You can go here to submit email confirmation as a feature request directly to our product team:

And let us know if you have any further questions.



Thanks Catherine, I will post a feature request.  The lead magnet is the free trial for the course.  So if I want to validate the email address before giving out the free trial, I would need thinkific to not allow someone access to the free trial until their email address was confirmed.

Hi - can you please post the html code or direct me to where I can find it to embed an email form that sends the emails to Aweber?


Hi there Patricia!

After integrating with Aweber, all your new students signed up will be added to the list specified during the integrations set up. You don't need to add an opt-in form to your course site to get new contacts in your list from the students who sign up on your course site. However, if you want to have an opt-in form on your course landing page, you can generate the code on Aweber to add to your site.

The code will consist of two parts, the <div> tag and the <script> tag. You need to add everything after the first part (e.g. <div class="AW-form-012345678"></div>) to the Landing Page Code:


You then need to add the first line to the right place in your Course Description in the HTML view:


Hi, I have just set up a free course on think terrific... is all the email address and names kept in the think terrific database somewhere?  

Is that private to me only ? (for security).  Where are they kept and how do I access them?

Does think terrific has its own database mail service, so I can send newsletters to etc?

Or do i have to create a newsletter in mailchimp? 

Is it free to integrate the think terrific with mailchimp?

I am with mail chimp as well, but if think terrific does it, I would rather do it with think terrific, saves double handling?

Please clarify asap...


Andrea :)

PS: when I created the course, they are showing in achievements, how do I move them to the chapters please?

Hi Andrea!

When users sign up to your course, their name and email address will be captured under Users on your admin dashboard. This information is secure and only accessible to you as the site administrator.

You won't be able to send scheduled emails like you can with full-service email marketing tools, such as MailChimp. But on any paid plan you can send bulk emails to your users (these are sent right away as opposed to scheduled).

If you'd like to be able to send newsletters and full email campaigns to your users, then I'd definitely recommend integrating with an email marketing tool. On our free plan you can integration with MailChimp, AWeber or ConvertKit. MailChimp is my recommendation if you're looking to keep costs down, ConvertKit is my recommendation if you're looking for a more sophisticated integration with Thinkific.

I hope that helps! 

For your question about achievements, I'm not too sure what you mean, but if you can send some more details/a screenshot to the team we'll be happy to help :) Reach us directly here.



I've integrated ConvertKit and added tags, but I am not seeing subscribers added to my ConvertKit account.  I have had a few users sign up today and I haven't seen their information come over.  Is there a delay?


Hi Tamara,

I checked out your site and everything looks good with the setup.

If you can please reach out to our support team directly with some details of the issue, we'll get this figured out for you. Reach them here:



Have you considered Get Response (  I am looking into it due to how comprehensive the platform is.  I'd love to get your opinion.