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Note: This article is for anyone using a Site Builder compatible theme. Site Builder is currently in a Closed Beta.

This article will go over how to create an additional custom page using our awesome Site Builder feature. This is ideal for including an About Us page, Contact page, an FAQ, or anything else that you feel like adding! This is a great chance for you to personalize your site and give your users more information.

Note: If you’re not using our Site Builder and are on a previous Theme version, please check out this article instead: Adding additional pages to your Thinkific site.

How to create a custom page

Head over to your Site Builder by going to Design Your Site > Site Builder and go to the Pages tab. From here, click on Custom pages. We have a couple example templates here that you can start with, but feel free to create a new one.

Thinkific custom page

Once you click on the Add Page button, you'll be prompted to name your page. Give it a name (this can be changed later) and click Add Page once more in the pop up. Once you’ve created it, you’ll see it in your list of custom pages.

Name your custom page

How to edit a custom page

Once you’ve created your custom page, click on your page name to get started adding in your sections with the Add Section button. You have a large selection of sections to choose from and you can rearrange them and add as many as you like! Isn’t that awesome? 

Once you’re done editing your page, click on the gear icon in the right-hand corner of the editor to change your page settings. 

Custom page settings

From the page settings menu, you can:

  • Publish your page by clicking the toggle next to Draft. Draft pages will not be visible to anyone.

  • Change your page name.

  • Change your page URL. You can only change the end URL - the beginning will default to your site URL like You can also use the Copy URL link to quickly share the full link.

  • Select "Only visible to logged in users" to make your page visible to logged in users only, which makes it more private for your users.

  • Delete your page

Once you’ve made your page, don’t forget to add a link to your site so your users can access it. You can add a link to your header by going into your Header, then adding a link block. Similarly, you can add a link to your footer by going into your footer and adding a Link block.

Add link to header

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