Integrating Thinkific With Your Existing Website

If you have an existing website (e.g. hosted on Wordpress, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix etc) and want to integrate it with, or link to your Thinkific website, read on!

We'll walk through different ways to link to your Thinkific course, and ways to create a seamless and branded experience between your two sites.

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Linking from your Navigation

Link Directly to your Checkout

Brand your Thinkific Site

Personalize your Thinkific URL

White Labelling

Linking From Your Navigation

Add a navbar item on your external site called "Courses" that links out to your Thinkific site. On our side, head to Advanced Settings > Logo URL in your dashboard to make the logo in your site header link back to your website.

Linking Directly to Checkout

Here's how to capture the correct URL to link to your Thinkific registration or checkout page.

Branding your Thinkific Site

Head to the Branding page of your admin dashboard to customize the site colours and logo to match your existing site. Here's a great example of how one business has carried over their logo and colours from their external site to Thinkific:

Personalize your Thinkific URL

Our custom domain feature allows to have your Thinkific site available at your own domain; so for example, if your existing site is at then you can customize the URL for your Thinkific site to have it at or another subdomain of your choosing. 

That way, as far as your students are concerned, everything will appear to be handled on your own website. This is important for building trust with your audience and creating a seamless brand experience between your existing website, and Thinkific website.

White Label Your Thinkific Site

As part of the Business plan, you're able to remove the Thinkific branding from your site pages, so your customers can focus on your brand alone. You can accomplish this by following these directions.

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