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The Bookmark feature allows you to hang onto those really useful Filters, creating them once and then loading them again instantly. Create your own, or use one of our bookmark presets if you'd like some help getting started!

Create a Bookmark

To create a Bookmark, first narrow down your Filters exactly how you'd like it. Here I have a search that returns all of my students who purchased my specified course through the Thinkific checkout, spending more than $0, as opposed to my students who used 100% off coupons:

Next, click on "Bookmark this search" and give the Bookmark a descriptive name:

Now, your bookmark is ready to go for use in the future. To use a Bookmark, just click the Bookmark icon in the top right hand corner to view your list of your saved Bookmarks. Click on the name to bring up that search!

To delete a Bookmark, just click the trash can icon next to the Bookmark's name, and to edit the name, click the pencil. Only the name of the Bookmark may be edited. To make changes to the search, simply delete the Bookmark and start fresh! 

Bookmark Presets

If you're not sure where to start, check out our presets that are automatically available to you in your Bookmarks list. 

Choose "Students Needing Encouragement" to pull up a list of users who haven't quite completed a course yet. More specifically, this will grab users who have completed less than or equal to 99% of the course you specify in your filter. You can then send out a mass user email to these students with a reminder to complete the course.

Choose "Free Student Accounts" to pull up a list of users who have accounts created, but haven't purchased anything on your site. These could be users who signed up for a free trial or a free course, and could use an incentive like a coupon to encourage them to come back to your site to make a purchase. 

Choose "Inactive Student Accounts" to find users who haven't logged in for a while. Reach out to these users to remind them to come back or announce new content on your site!

That's it! If you would like more information about the Bookmark feature, feel free to reach out to

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