Troubleshooting Guide for Student Issues

With any student issue, we always recommend going through some basic troubleshooting steps first. You can start out by asking for clarity on what exactly is happening, and when it makes sense, ask for a screenshot of the issue. Asking the student to reboot and to try another browser is always a quick way to eliminate a possible tech issue. Similarly, you can reset the student's password and actually try to log in as them to see if you are seeing the same thing. Often, student issues can be resolved without the help of a Thinkific Ninja, so your students get their issues resolved quicker, resulting in a better student experience!

Below are some common student issues and some troubleshooting tips for each issue.

My student can’t log into my Thinkific site.

As a first step, you can start out by confirming that the student has an account on your site, and that their email address is spelled correctly, by heading to the Users section of your admin dashboard. If their email address isn’t there, you might check if their name exists under a different email address. If your student has an account created, they can reset their password on their own, via the Forgot Password page. That page lives here:

If your student is still having trouble resetting their password via that link, you can manually reset their password for them, by clicking on the edit button next to a student on the Users page, then providing that to them via email.

My student can't purchase a course / their card is declined.

Card processing issues are often caused by a restriction set by the cardholder's bank. From insufficient funds, to an overzealous fraud system, payment failures can happen for a number of reasons. As a quick first step, you can always ask your student can try a different card. If they're unable to try that, you may need to do a bit of investigation. 

If you're taking payments through Stripe, you can take a look at your connected Stripe account to see if an error is present in your logs (Events and Logs > Logs). If you notice an error message, check out this list of common bank decline codes so you can understand what to do for next steps.

Here are some other common common issues to look out for: 

  • Some debit cards require a PIN to be entered. If the cardholder is trying to use one of these cards, they may need to use another card to make the purchase.

  • Some cards have restrictions on cross-border usage. If the card was issued in a country other than where your business is located, this could be the issue. In this case, you can ask your student to contact their bank to see if they have this restriction, and if they can lift that restriction for this purchase.

  • High-cost items can trigger a fraud warning from the card holder's bank. Again, in this case you can ask your student to contact their bank to authorize the purchase.

  • Some cards (often corporate cards or FSA cards) can only be used for certain business categories, like travel or healthcare. In this case, your student may need to use a different card.

If you're still unable to resolve the issue with your student, feel free to fill out the Student Issue Template and we can assist you further!

My student isn’t seeing the correct course on their Student Dashboard.

Getting to the root cause of why your student doesn't see a course on their student dashboard is easily found by navigating to several places in your account and answering a few questions.

  • Check the Users section of your admin dashboard to confirm the student has enrollments:
    • Does the student exist? Are they enrolled in any courses? Are they the correct courses?
    • Are they enrolled in the full course or just the free trial? 
    • Is their enrollment expired? 
    • Does their date of enrollment match their order date?

  • Check the Orders section of your admin dashboard, to confirm that the order exists. Note that their order will only exist if you are taking payments within Thinkific.
    • Does the order exist?
    • Does it show amount paid?
    • Does this match what courses the student is enrolled in?

  • Check your integrated Stripe and/or PayPal account to see if customer and payment exists:
    • Can you find the customer? 

    • Does the customer have a credit card attached? Did a payment go through? Is it showing declined or failed credit card errors?

If you've followed these steps and you're still unsure why a course isn't appearing on your student's dashboard, fill out the Student Issue Template and send our way so we can assist you further!

My student is having trouble viewing videos.

Often, this issue is caused by a browser problem on the student's computer.  Here are some basic browser troubleshooting steps that are a great starting point to recommend to your students.

  1. Clear cache and restart the browser. Also check if you’re using the newest version of the browser

  2. Try a different browser (we like Google Chrome)

  3. Try an Incognito / Private Window (this will rule out an issue with browser extensions).

  4. Restart the device (it's a cliche but it works!)

  5. If possible, try a different device!

  6. If possible, try a different internet connection!  School and/or corporate firewalls occasionally block our video provider. 

For other video-related issues, please check out our video playback troubleshooting guide

My student’s recurring (i.e. subscription) payments failed.

When a payment in Stripe is attempted and fails, that student automatically loses access to the course content in Thinkific and the student enrollment is marked as expired. Stripe will then automatically attempt to process the payment based on the schedule you've set at If the issue is addressed by the student during these attempts and payment successful, access will be restored. If the payment is unsuccessful following those attempts, the student enrollment will stay as expired with no access to course content. 

More questions about Stripe? Check out our Stripe FAQ!

We find the majority of the time student issues can be resolved with some basic sleuthing on your end and it's pretty rare to go through the above steps and still see a problem. That said, if you do, sharing your findings and details with us using the template below!

Student Issue Template (Please fill out with as much information as possible)

  • Please provide a brief description of the issue.
  • What is the name of your student(s) that were impacted and what is their email address?

  • Which course(s) and which lesson(s) were they experiencing this issue?

  • Which browser and which version was your student experiencing this issue in?

  • What troubleshooting steps did you try? 

  • Were you able to replicate the problem? Can you provide a screencast of the issue occurring?

  • Is there an error message? Can you send us a screenshot of the error message?

  • Can you screenshot any errors you see in your browser console?

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