How to Preview Inactive Themes

Note: This article is for anyone using a site theme with a version 2.0 or newer. If you're using an older site theme, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the newest version.

Before activating a new theme, whether that's one in the Thinkific Theme Library or a custom Theme, you can preview it on your site to make sure you're happy with it first! Here's how:

Using Theme Preview

1. Navigate to Themes > Manage My Themes 

2. Each Inactive Theme will have a Preview dropdown with the following options: Home Landing Page, Collections Landing Page, Course Landing Page, Student Dashboard.

3. Select the page you'd like to Preview and it will open in a new tab:

Please note: the Preview is not persistent as you navigate to different site pages. If you navigate from the Preview course landing page to your homepage, you'll then see your active Theme on your live homepage. 

How can I Preview Pages Unavailable in the Dropdown? 

If you want to preview the course landing page on a different course, or if you want to preview pages unavailable in the dropdown (Bundle Landing Pages, Additional Pages) there's a trick for that:

1. Preview an Inactive Theme on any of the available pages. In the Preview tab that opens, go to the URL. You'll notice that at the end of the URL there is a parameter that looks like this: ?ctid=85271. This URL parameter is how Thinkific knows to show your Inactive Theme on the page instead of your Active Theme. 

2. Copy the URL parameter starting from the question mark to the end of the URL. 

3. On your live Thinkific site navigate to the page you want to preview. 

4. Paste the URL parameter onto the end of the URL and press enter. 

Voila! You can now preview your Inactive Theme on the page. 

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