How to Use the Express Sign-in Link on Your Infusionsoft Integrated ClickFunnels Thank You Page

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If you’re using ClickFunnels for your order page and the ClickFunnels Infusionsoft integration to take payments, you can send your students directly from your ClickFunnels Thank You page to Thinkific so that they can start learning right away!

**Note: Your campaign and HTTP post need to be set up in Infusionsoft to handle the account creation and enrollment, and your ClickFunnels integration with Infusionsoft should already be properly set up. The following steps only direct students from ClickFunnels to Thinkific.

What does this look like?

Using the instructions below, you'll be able to send students from your ClickFunnels Thank You page to Thinkific. After making a purchase, your student will click on a link on your Thank You page, then go to a Thinkific loading screen. The loading screen loads for approximately 30 seconds. During this time the HTTP post you’ve set up in Infusionsoft is firing and the data is being sent from Infusionsoft to Thinkific to both create the student’s account and enrol them in a course. After this action is complete, the loading screen directs students to Thinkific’s Express Sign-In page where the student sets their Thinkific account password. After the student sets their password, they are brought to their Dashboard where they can see the courses they are enrolled in, and click on one to start learning.

Here’s how to set it up:

In your Sales Funnel in Clickfunnels, click on your Thank You page, then choose edit page. 

Then, click on Settings, and choose Tracking Code.

Then, in the pop-up window, select Footer Code.

Then, paste the below script into the window:


$(document).ready(function () {

$(window).load(function () {

if (getURLParameter("email") != "null") {

var href = $("a[href*='#EMAIL#']").attr("href");

href = href.replace(/#EMAIL#/g,getURLParameter("email"));






Once you finish pasting the script into the footer code, you can now edit the page content. On your Thank You page, you should place a button that will link to the Thinkific login page. Once you’ve added the button, go to the settings by clicking on the gear icon.

Next to Edit Action, Click on the Set Action button. Choose Go To Website URL, and place the below URL in the text box:

***Be sure to replace the URL with your Thinkific URL (or custom domain that you're using for Thinkific).

Then, Click on Save in the Upper Right corner of the ClickFunnels page.

**Important: Once you set this up, as well as your Infusionsoft campaign with your HTTP post, please make sure to test it to confirm everything has been set up properly.

To test your setup, take the following steps:

  1. Log out of your Thinkific account

  2. Open up your ClickFunnels order form

  3. Check Out using a test email address that is not your Thinkific site admin email, or any email address that is already registered to your Thinkific site. Also do not use any email addresses with "+" symbols in them

  4. Click on the button that is on your Thank You page

  5. You should be brought to a loading screen, then the Thinkific Express Sign-In page asking you to set your password

  6. Once you've set your password, you should then see your student dashboard with the course you just bought

Once you've confirmed your Express-Sign In link is working correctly, you should be good to go!

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