Using Express Sign-In

Express Sign-In allows you to quickly get students into their account and lets them set their own password when they get set up.

When you create a new user you have the option of sending them an express sign-in link or manually creating a password for them. If you want to automatically send them the express sign-in link to create their own password you'll want to make sure you're welcome email contains it:

Welcome Email Attributes

By default, your welcome email will contain the attributes to get your users set up to create their own password. If you've edited the welcome email, it may not contain the express sign-in URL needed. In that case you'll need to add:

{% if password_required %} Click here to set your password. {% endif %}

to your welcome email, and set the link for "Click here to set your password." to {{ express_sign_in_url }}

Note: The "if" variables mean that when a password isn't required, the text between them won't show up in your welcome email. So, for students who register via Thinkific and set up a password then, they won't see that text if you have your welcome email on.

Manually Sending the Express Sign-In Link

If you'd prefer not to send the express sign-in link via the welcome email, you can also access it via the User page.

Student Experience

When students click on the express sign-in link they'll arrive at a page like this:

All they have to do is set a password and they'll be take straight to your content. :D

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