How to use Zapier to End Enrollments Automatically after a Samcart Refund

You can use Zapier to automatically end enrollments for students when you issue a refund through your Samcart checkout. 

Before setting up your Zap, you will need to have a Samcart account with your products created inside Samcart that correspond to your courses in Thinkific. Please note: your product names in Samcart do not have to match your Thinkific course names. 

You can learn more about how to set up enrollments in Samcart through Zapier here

Make sure you have at least one recent refund created as Zapier will fetch an existing refund for testing purposes.

Now let's go into Zapier and set up a Zap.

Step one of your Zap: 

Within the Trigger, select SamCart as your Trigger App.

Select Continue.

Select New Refund as the Trigger.

Choose Save and Continue.

Select the Samcart account which you want to run the refund through.

Then Save and Continue.

Test your trigger by fetching an existing refund.

Select Fetch and Continue.

Once your test is successful, choose Continue.

Step two of your Zap:

Next we have to use Zapier Utilities to match the Samcart product name with the corresponding Thinkific course ID since Thinkific requires the course ID to identify and unenroll students. 

If you followed our guide on setting up enrolment through Zapier for Samcart, you will notice that this is the same second step.

Select Formatter as your Action App.

Select Continue.

Create Utilities.

Select Save + Continue.

Under Transform, select Lookup Table.

Under Lookup Key, select Product Name. There should be preview fields for you to be able to see examples of what different fields you could select. The Product Name will be the course name as you entered it into Samcart when you set up your account.

Under Lookup Table, enter the product name in the first field and course ID (from Thinkific) in the second. Select + to enter in the Samcart product names and course IDs for all of your courses if you have more than one. The product names on the left must correspond exactly to the product names in Samcart for the Lookup Table to work.

Here's how to get your Thinkific course IDs.

Leave the Fallback Value field empty. 

Select Continue.

Ensure you have all the relevant information in the right fields.

Create and Continue to test the Formatter.

Select Add a step.

Step three of your Zap:

Select Thinkific as your App.

Click Continue.

Under Create, select Enroll User.

Select Continue.

Select your Thinkific account or connect a new account.

Select Continue.

Now enter the Thinkific Enrollment fields.

Under Products, select Use a Custom Value (advanced) at the bottom of the drop down.

In the second data field, select Step 2 Cart Items Name, which will likely be at the bottom of the drop down field. This field references the course ID that you are using the enrol students that is pulling from the lookup table in the previous Zap step.

Enter the mandatory sign up fields that are pulled from Samcart (first name, last name and email address). These fields are required to identify a student account in Thinkific.

Set the expiry date as today if you want the refunds and unenrollment to take effect immediately.

Then select Continue.

Confirm the test preview information is correct, then choose Create and Continue to test through Zapier. Then select Finish

Your Zap flow should look like this:

After creating your Zap, you will want to turn it on by selecting 'On' in the top right hand corner.

You will want to test this process out with a dummy student in Samcart and confirm that both your student was refunded then unenrolled in Thinkific.

There you have it! You now have your Samcart set up to refund and expire student enrollments in your courses.

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