Send Password Reset Links to Students

On Thinkific, you can manually enrol students from your admin dashboard. Or, if you need to enrol lots of students at once, we offer a bulk student import service (request a quote for that here).

This will set your students up with user accounts and enrolments on Thinkific, but what about passwords? It would be pretty time consuming (and insecure) to email each student individually with their password...

Luckily, we have a solution for this: You're able to send students a link directly to a page where they'll be able to reset their own passwords.

Here's how:

Step 1. Create a bulk email

On any paid plan, you have the ability to segment your users and send them a bulk email.

Go to your Users page and use the filters on the Advanced Search tab to find the specific group of people you want to email.

Advanced search filters on the users page

Then use the checkbox to choose all of those users and hit Email Selected.

Compose your email, making sure to include the direct password reset link as described below.

Step 2. Add the password reset link

To do that, simply add the following to the end of your Thinkific site URL:

For example:{{email}}

You'll know you have the right URL if visiting it takes you to a page that looks like this, with the email address pre-filled out as {{email}}

Forgot password page on Thinkific

Note: When the message is sent, the {{email}} variable will automatically add in the specific email address of the user.

Step 3. Test and send!

Once you've got your email ready, complete with the link, we recommend sending yourself a quick test email just to be sure (hit Send Test).

The test email should show up in your inbox shortly. If all looks good, and your email was correctly added to the end of the password reset link, you're ready to hit Send!

Mass user email compose screen

Your students will now receive an email from you, allowing them to securely reset their password and get access to your course in the most streamlined way.

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