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A great way to engage your users and get closer to them is by including a Course Welcome Email. These emails are sent out to the student upon registration for a particular course and are customizable on a per-course basis.

Course Welcome Emails are yet another useful way of interacting with your users and give you a chance of briefing your students on what to expect from the course, for instance.You can decide which (or all) of your courses have welcome emails.

Configuring Your Course Welcome Emails

Go to Notifications on your admin dashboard to access this feature.

Use the checkboxes next to a course name to switch your course welcome emails on and off. If the checkbox is selected, then the email will automatically be sent out to a student when they enrol in that particular course.

Both the body of the email and the subject line are fully customizable - hit 'Edit' to get started with creating your welcome message (remember to save your changes when you're done!)


You're also able to use variables to automatically pull in the student's name, course name, etc.

Available variables are:

  • {{user_full_name}}
  • {{user_first_name}}
  • {{user_last_name}}
  • {{user_email}}
  • {{course_name}}
  • {{site_name}} — Name of your school
  • {{site_url}}
  • {{sign_in_url}}
  • {{edit_notifications_url}}
  • {{instructor_full_name}}
  • {{instructor_first_name}}
  • {{instructor_last_name}}
  • {{course_link}} — Link to the Course
  • {{course_review_link}} — Link to the Course Reviews

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