How to make your curriculum contents clickable

Affects themes 0.9.9 to 1.5.2

Affects legacy themes

If you are unfamiliar with how to edit your site's theme using the theme code editor then before reading this article please quickly skim over this article before continuing on with this one.

Here's how to make the links on your course curriculum page clickable, so that when clicked your student is directed to that content item in the course player:

Step 1

- Head to the code editor for the theme you would like to modify

- Under "Snippets", select "course_landing_page_curriculum"

Step 2

- the problem is that there is a missing "<a>" tag which includes the liquid variable for that particular content item.

- add the opening "<a>" tag on the line directly below {% for content in chapter.contents %}

- add the closing "</a>" tag on the line directly above the following {% endfor %} tag

- ensure the opening "<a>" tag includes the correct href value, which is "{{ content.take_course_url }}" for themes version 1.X.X

- include the class name "chapter-list-item__link"

Step 3

- Save the file, and view your course landing page. The curriculum content items should now link directly to their respective content in the course player!

For themes that are prior to 0.9.9 there is mixed support for this feature. If you find that you do not have an "active" theme in the theme editor, then you are using one of these legacy themes. In order to apply this feature, please update your site's theme by clicking "New Theme" in the site editor and activating it. Please be advised that this may introduce breaking changes if you have any customised CSS or Javascript active in your current theme.  

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