Change 'View Course' Button Text On Course Cards

If you want to customize the 'View Course' button text on your course cards, here are some instructions to accomplish this. Below is an image of the course card with the View Course button.

A few things to keep in mind before making this change:

 - this change will be hard-coded in, so you will lose language translation compatibility

 - this will affect ALL your course cards, and there is no way to specify only certain ones

 - to see the changes you must make sure that your course has a custom theme enabled by going to your course editing page, clicking on the Design tab and choosing the Custom option

Go to Themes > Edit HTML/CSS, find the folder called Snippets, and within it, open the file called course_card. Scroll down to the bottom and find the line that starts with <a href="{{ card.landing_page_url...

You need to replace the part of this line that says 

{{ 'liquid.partials.course_card.link_landing_page' | translate }} with the exact text you want on your buttons. Replace the entire highlighted area including the curly braces.

The text you should change is highlighted in the following screenshot:

Here is the text changed to say "View Membership":

Click File > Save, and preview your course to see the changes.

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