Adding an additional buy button to your course banner

If you're using our additional pricing feature, and would like to add a buy button for an additional pricing option into your course landing page banner (i.e. next to the main CTA) here's how you can achieve that using our Themes feature:

1. Go to the Themes page of your admin dashboard to create a new theme or edit your existing one.

2. Then either select an existing course landing page layout to edit, or hit Add New Course Landing Page to create a new one.

3. Now open the page of your theme called Snippets > course_landing_page_action_buttons and copy the whole page.

4. Go back to the landing page layout that you're working on, and replace the line {% include "course_landing_page_action_buttons" %} with the full code copied from the Snippets folder (line 19 in the standard layout).


5. Now you're ready to add in another buy button just for the specific course that you're working on. To do that, find the section in the course landing page action buttons for {% if page.show_purchase_link %} - highlighted in the screenshot below.

6. In between </a> and {% endif %} paste in some code in the following format:

<a href = "URL FOR WHERE BUY BUTTON SHOULD LINK TO" class="btn btn-primary btn-purchase">

              TEXT FOR BUY BUTTON


Example below:

**To find the correct URL for the checkout page for your additional pricing option, you'll need to hover over the buy button for where it currently appears, right click, and select "Copy link address" (example here)

7. Make sure your theme is saved and enabled.


8. Then head to the Design tab of the course builder for your course to enable your new custom layout and hit Save Changes.

7. Now, open up your course landing page in an incognito window to see your shiny new buy button in the banner!

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