Changing Your Site Name and URL

These instructions will go over the steps to change the name of your Site and also how to update the URL. 

Updating your Site Name

Step 1: 

Head into your Dashboard and go into your Basic Settings: 

Step 2: 

Look for the Setting: Site Name and update the current Site Name to the new Site Name you have chosen:

Step 3: 

Save Your Changes. Once you have saved your changes the Site Name will be updated.

Updating your Site URL

Step 1: 

Head into your Dashboard > Advanced Settings > Site URL: 

Step 2:

Update the URL to the Preferred New URL in the Your Site URL Field: 

Once changes have been made click the Update URL button to apply the changes of your site. 

Once you press Update URL you will be logged out of your site but the URL will be updated to the desired name: 

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