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Zapier is a tool for connecting together different web applications. By automating otherwise manual tasks, it makes your life easier and creates time for more productive pursuits.

Looking to connect your site to a program we don’t have a direct integration with yet? Chances are you'll be able to achieve what you need with Zapier. They offer a free-forever basic account, with their other plans designed to scale as your business grows (click here to see how Zapier pricing works). You can browse a catalogue of the 750+ apps that Zapier integrates with here.

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How Zapier Works

Zapier allows you to automate the task of sending information from one application to another. Tasks that you automate via Zapier are called Zaps.

Zaps consist of two parts: the Trigger and the Action.

  • The Trigger is the event in the first app.
  • The Action is what happens in the second app as a result of the Trigger.

As an example, let’s say you want to add any new users that buy your Thinkific course to a mailing list in MailChimp. This is your Zap. In this case, the Trigger is the student buying your course. The Action is adding them to the mailing list.

For more information on how Zapier works, check out this page.

Once you have a basic understanding, read on to discover what's possible with Thinkific.

The Thinkific Zapier Integration

There are two levels of integration with Zapier on Thinkific.

Level 1 - Outgoing Triggers (Essentials plan & above)

As part of any paid plan, you can use Triggers to send information out of Thinkific and into another app.

This works well for automating tasks to happen as a result of events on your Thinkific site.

We support the following Thinkific Triggers:
  • Enrolment Completed: Fires when a student completes their course.
  • New Order: Fires when a student places an order.
    • Note: Free courses do not generate an order. But, if the order has a 100%-off coupon code applied, this does count as an order.
  • New Full Enrolment: Fires when a student enrols (or is manually enroled) in the full version of a course.
  • New Free Trial Enrolment: Fires when a student enrols in the free trial of a course.
    • Note: Free trials are differentiated from full enrolments.
  • New User: Fires when a student signs up for a user account with your site.
    • Note: This will fire regardless of whether the user also enrols in a course.

Examples of Uses for Thinkific Triggers
  • Add users to a specific mailing list when they sign up for your course.
    • Example Action apps: ActiveCampaign, AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp.
  • Update your CRM records when a user completes the course.
    • Example Action apps: Capsule, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho.
  • Add student data to a spreadsheet.
    • Example Action apps: Smartsheet, Google Sheets.
  • Send a push notification to your phone when you receive a new order.
    • Example Action apps: Pushbullet, Push by Zapier.
  • And more!

Level 2 - Outgoing Triggers and Incoming Actions (Business plan & above)

Our Level 2 Zapier integration has both Triggers and Actions for Thinkific, allowing you to send information in as well as out.

Besides the Triggers listed above, the following Thinkific Actions are supported:
  • Enrol User: Create a student and enrol them in a specific course or bundle.
    • Note: This can also update an existing student by enroling them in a new course or bundle. Plus, it can create a new student without any enrolments if no course or bundle is specified.

This integration is a powerful way to link your Thinkific site with third-party applications. You'll be able to take payment through another checkout system and automatically register the student in the course. Meaning that, if you need more control over checkout process and design, you’ll be able to integrate seamlessly with the app of your choice.

Note: Thinkific does have its own built-in checkout system, allowing you to take payment via Stripe on any of our plans (plus PayPal on any paid plan).

Examples of Uses for Thinkific Actions
  • Create your sales funnel using external sales and checkout pages.
    • Example Trigger Apps: Ontraport, ClickFunnels, Marketo.
  • Charge varying tax rates, depending on your customer’s location.
    • Example Trigger Apps: Quaderno, Taxamo.
  • Take payment for multiple products at once using a shopping cart app.
    • Example Trigger Apps: SamCart, Shopify.
  • Use a payment gateway other than Stripe or PayPal.
    • Example Trigger Apps: Braintree
  • And more!

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