How to change the font of your Thinkific site

Changing the font of your Thinkific site can done in a matter of minutes using our Themes feature!

Here's how:

1. Head to the Themes page of your dashboard and open up your current theme, or create a new one if this is your first time using Themes.

2. Once in your theme, select the Theme CSS page and find the line for font-family highlighted below - this will be under section "0. Basics" (line 136, provided you haven't already customized your theme a whole bunch).

3. The standard font for your site is Open Sans - to change this, simply customize the highlighted text to read:

font-family: 'INSERT FONT HERE';

E.g. in the screenshot below, I've changed the font to Century Gothic using this code: 

font-family: Century Gothic,CenturyGothic,AppleGothic,sans-serif;


4. Once you've saved and enabled your theme, as per these instructions, your snazzy new font will be live on your site!

If you're not sure of the code you need to add in to insert your font, instructions for most standard fonts can be found at

Or, you can even upload a font file to your theme as an asset! Here's how.

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