Taking payment for your Thinkific courses via Infusionsoft

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Our integration with Infusionsoft allows you to take payment for a course or bundle via Infusionsoft's checkout system and have your customers be automatically enrolled on that product in Thinkific.

Here's how to set this up:

Step 1. Connect your Infusionsoft account

Head to the Integrations page of your Thinkific admin dashboard to connect your Infusionsoft account.

Step 2. Create a product for your course/bundle in Infusionsoft

If you haven't already done so, the next stage will be creating a Product in Infusionsoft for the course or bundle that you'd like to sell. Find Infusionsoft's instructions for that here

Step 3. Create your campaign

Once your product is created and ready to be sold in Infusionsoft, head to the Campaign Builder.

Hit the Create a Campaign button, give it a name, and then Save.

Step 4. Create a goal

On the campaign builder screen, click-and-drag a new goal onto the page.


Give your goal a name, and from the dropdown list select for the goal to be achieved when a contact purchases a product. Hit Save.

Step 5. Configure the purchase

Double-click on the goal to open up the Configure Purchase window. Select the Specific Product Purchase option and the name of the product in Infusionsoft, then Save (the shopping cart on the Goal symbol should now turn green to confirm that it's been configured).

Step 6. Create a sequence

Click-and-drag a sequence onto the page.

Connect your goal and sequence by adding an arrow between them.

Step 7. Define the process

Double-click on the sequence.

On the next screen, select Process from the right sidebar and then click-and-drag the process Send HTTP Post onto the page.

Step 8. Configure the HTTP Post

Double-click Send HTTP Post.

On the next screen, you'll need to paste in the POST URL for your product on Thinkific. This can be found in your Thinkific admin dashboard on the Infusionsoft configuration page, as shown below.

Copy-and-paste that URL into the POST URL field in Infusionsoft, and then hit the Merge button.

Step 9. Merge your variables

Now you need to merge the variables of Thinkific and Infusionsoft so that user accounts and enrollments can be created in Thinkific following purchase of the product, as shown below.

The left-hand column is the name of the variable in Thinkific, and the right-hand column is the name of the variable in Infusionsoft.

Here's a list of the Thinkific variables to be typed into the left-hand column, and the corresponding Infusionsoft variables that can be selected from the list of Merge Fields down the right side of the page. (This is a one-time only thing, as next time you can copy the variables from an existing campaign, as shown in the screenshot above).

Required Name/ Value Pairs:


Optional Name/Value Pairs: 

Type this in, if applicable. Must be in the format: YYYY-MM-DD


No password (this is the recommended setup): if you leave out the password name/ value pair then after the student has paid via Infusionsoft, Thinkific can trigger your site welcome email to go out through Thinkific, which will enable the student to set their own password. To trigger the site welcome email on Infusionsoft HTTP post go to Thinkific > Integrations > Infusionsoft > Edit Configuration. Then click the checkbox to trigger the site welcome email: 

*the welcome email that is triggered is the site welcome email that you can edit in your Notifications section in Thinkific. It utilizes the Express Sign In Link that enables students to set their own passwords.

Password: There are two ways to set passwords for students at the time of order:

1. You can set a temporary password that will be the same for all students by filling in the merge field with a temporary password such as "password1" instead of ~Contact.Password~. Then you can supply students their temporary password so that they can login. 

2. You can add a field to your order form for password that then sends to Thinkific in the merge field ~Contact.Password~. 

If you'll be using our default passwords, it's a good idea to send students a course welcome email with their login credentials and instructions for changing their password. Course welcome emails can be sent out automatically by our system (see the Notifications page of the admin dashboard), or by Infusionsoft - we recommend choosing one and switching off the other (the Infusionsoft welcome emails can be switched on/off from the Infusionsoft page of your admin dashboard).


An optional variable. If specified, this will override any expiry date already set in Thinkific. If no expiry date is specified, the enrolment will be active indefinitely.

Step 10. Publish everything!

Once you're done merging your variables, ensure that everything has saved, switch the status of the HTTP Post from Draft to Ready, and hit Back to Sequence.

Then, publish your sequence...

And then your campaign...

And that's it, nicely done! Your customers can now purchase your product in Infusionsoft and automatically be enrolled in the course/bundle on Thinkific!

Any questions? Just send us a message and we'll be happy to help.

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