Sending tracking for upsells and additional pricing options to Segment/Mixpanel

If you're using Segment or Mixpanel to track when students click the Buy button for products on your Thinkific site, you are able to add a script to the theme for your site so that clicks for any upsells or additional pricing options (a.k.a. related products) included on a course landing page are also tracked.

In your theme, simply find the snippet for landing_page_upsells and paste in the script as shown in the screenshot below:

Here's the code for you to copy-and-paste:


        $(function() {
            $("a[href='{{ related_product.add_to_cart_url }}']").on("click", function() {
                ThinkificAnalytics.track('Buy Course Btn Clicked', {"Course" : '{{ related_product.product_name }}'});


Once this theme is saved and enabled for a course, Buy button clicks for related products will be tracked by our Segment and Mixpanel integrations.

This script will send the name of the related product over to these platforms. You can also edit the script to send additional information - the variables available for related products can be found in this list.

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