How to preview your course as a student

At any time during the course creation process, it's easy for you to take a sneak peak at your Thinkific site and courses as your students will see them. Below, we'll show you how!

Previewing your Thinkific site

If you'd like to check in on how your site is looking, you can do that from anywhere on your admin dashboard by hitting Preview Site in the top right header.

This will take you to your site landing page, which is where your courses and bundles will be listed once published. From here you're free to roam around your other site pages, and when you're ready to head back to the admin dashboard you can choose to Return to your dashboard, or select Admin in the top right header.

Not seeing your site landing page when previewing your site? Do you already have a published course? When you only have one published course, the default landing page for your site will be your course landing page, as the site landing page only comes into play once you have multiple products to list there!

Previewing your course landing page

As you're working on a new course, you can preview what its landing page will look like by selecting Preview Course in the top right of the course builder, and then Landing Page.

This is the sales landing page for your course and the place to tell prospective students about why your course is so awesome. For example, did you know that you can create an amazing long-form sales page using the Course Description field of the course builder?

Previewing the course player

So now you know how to preview the sales pages of your site, but what about the actual course experience itself? To take a look at that, from within the course builder select Preview Course, and then As a Student.

This will open up the course player, allowing you to run through your entire course as a student! When you're done being a student, hit Return to your dashboard to return to the admin view.

Looking for a full demo of the student experience? Check out this video of What Thinkific looks like to a student.

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