Tagging your Thinkific students in Infusionsoft

A direct integration with Infusionsoft is available as part of the Advanced Plan.  If you are not on the Advanced Plan, you can still work with Infusionsoft in many respects using Zapier.

You are able to link your Thinkific site with your Infusionsoft account so that your students will automatically be added as users and tagged in Infusionsoft.

To do this, head to the Integrations page of the admin dashboard to connect your Infusionsoft account.

Connect your Infusionsoft tags

When a user signs up to your Thinkific site, a user will be created in your Infusionsoft account (if they're not already there).

You can also create tags within Infusionsoft that can be applied to users when specific events happen on your Thinkific site.

Once you've created the tags in Infusionsoft you can head back to Integrations > Infusionsoft in your Thinkific admin dashboard to link the tags to the specific site events.

To modify which tags are applied to each course, click into the action you'd like to edit, then click on Add/Edit tags.

This should help get you started, but just let us know if you have any questions at all!

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