Upgrade From V.1.0.0 To V1.1.0

This is a minor version upgrade that adds new functionality to your custom site theme.

The new functionality allows you to define custom code (javascript, css, etc) that will be run on the landing page of a specific course or bundle.

As a part of the upgrade, we patched your theme to include the necessary code. However, because you may have made changes to your landing pages, we could not update those for you without the risk of conflicts with your chages. As a result, it will be necessary for you to manually finish the update.

Steps (illustrated in the image below):

  1. Open the Snippet called 'page_specific_footer_scripts'
  2. Locate the section for 'course_landing_page'
  3. Add {% include 'landing_page_code' %} as shown
  4. Locate the section for 'bundle_landing_page'
  5. Add {% include 'landing_page_code' %} as shown

You're done! If you have defined custom landing page code for a specific course or bundle, it will now be run on the landing page for that particular course or bundle.

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