Create & Enroll Users in a Course

Applicable plans Starter Essentials Business Advanced

You can create a user at any time on any plan in Thinkific, but enrolling a user manually in a course is a feature of the Essentials plan and above.


On the left sidebar of the Admin Dashboard, click Users. Next, either View a current student or hit Create New User if you need to create the user first.

If creating a new User, enter the following required information:

  • User’s First name
  • User’s Last name
  • User’s Email Address
  • User's Password

Note: for a 'normal' student account, you do not need to select any of the User Roles.

Click Save Changes when done.

Enroll a user in course

Before saving the new user record, it is possible to enrol the user in any required courses. Scroll to the bottom of the Create User screen.

Search for a course or bundle by clicking in the Search Courses and Bundles box. Select the course to enrol the student and optionally - set the Expiry Date for when access to the course content for a student should occur. Then click the Enroll button. 


After you hit Enroll the student will be enrolled in the course and they will receive the Course Welcome Email if it is enabled in the Notifications area.

Continue for any other courses the student should be enrolled in. When finished click either the Save Changes button to finish or Save & Create Another to create another new user.

Check that user has been added

Return to main user report page, and a new user should be listed. Click view to see user details. 

You can also see the courses the user is now enrolled in.

Enroll an existing user in course

If you did not enroll a user in a course at the time of creation, then within the User's detail page you have the option within this screen. Click Enroll User in a Course or Bundle to enroll the user in a new course.

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