Course Bundles

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What are Course Bundles?

Course Bundles let you create a bundle around a group of courses for the purpose of selling them together.  For example, say you have seven individual courses on mastering marketing each available for 99$  With Course Bundles, you can also offer those courses as a bundle, selling all seven together for say 500$ to increase value to your customer.  This article has a great explanation about why and how you can use this feature.

To create a course bundle, select My Courses on the left sidebar in the Admin Dashboard, click Bundles, then select the Create a bundle button.

When creating a new bundle, you have the options to give the bundle a name, a description, price the bundle, decide on whether or not it is a subscription or one time payment and set an expiry date if necessary.

Choose the courses that you would like to include in the bundle and save changes.

Don't Forget to Publish your Bundle or it will not show up!

If you would like more information about the Course Bundles feature, feel free to reach out to

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