Course Bundles

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Course Bundles is a paid plan feature that lets you create a bundle around a group of courses for the purpose of selling them together.  For example, say you have seven individual courses on mastering marketing each available for $99.  With Course Bundles, you can also offer those courses as a bundle, selling all seven together for say $500 to increase value to your customer.  This article has a great explanation about why and how you can use this feature.

Create a course bundle

To create a course bundle, select My Courses on the left sidebar in the Admin Dashboard, click Bundles, then select the Create a bundle button.

When creating a new bundle, you have the options to give the bundle a name, a description, price the bundle, decide on whether or not it is a subscription or one time payment and set an expiry date if necessary.

Choose the courses that you would like to include in the bundle and save changes.

Note: Don't forget to Publish your bundle or it will not show up!

Here is a video to help you learn about course bundles:

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