Get Started with Mixpanel Notifications

Mixpanel's Notifications feature allows you to send messages to your Thinkific users, targeted based on specific attributes (how long they've been signed up to your site, which of your courses they're enrolled in, and so on) - using this feature you can tailor messages for specific user groups, getting the right information to the right people at the right time. 

Take advantage of this feature to:

  • Turn potential customers into paying customers
  • Promote related products to existing customers
  • Increase course completion rates 
  • And more!

Create Your First Mixpanel Notification

Head to People > Notifications on your Mixpanel admin dashboard and select 'New notification'.

The next step is to compose your message - and of course, you can always come back and update this later. Once you're done, hit Continue.

Next, and most importantly, set up the user targeting for your message. You can get quite detailed in terms of who receives/doesn't receive each message but, for example, to target people based on courses you want to choose 'Courses' as the first option, then enter the course name EXACTLY as it is listed on Thinkific in the 'contains' box. 

To get an idea of the different available properties that you can segment your users by, you can also click on "Explore" in the left menu, then select a user. That will bring up the page shown below, where you can see all of the user's activity, and also the properties (including courses) that you can use to set up your messaging. 

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