Cross Promote Your Courses With Upsells

Associating relating products gives you an opportunity to sell either related products or bundles of related products from a course landing page.  This article has a great explanation of why and how you can use this function.

Setting Up an Upsell

First, go to My Courses in your Admin Dashboard and select a course to edit to enter the Course Builder.

You will notice in the top toolbar of the Course Builder you have the option to Upsell.

You can select a different course, or bundle, to cross promote on this course's landing page or thank you page from the drop-down menu:

After you have chosen the course(s) or bundle(s) that you would like to promote, under the drop down menu you can choose to have the upsell of your course Show on Landing Page or Show on 'Thank You' page (which appears after a user purchases your course).

Next, you can give a title to the upsell section appearing on either of these pages.

Note: This part of the article is for anyone using a site theme with a version 2.0.0 or higher. If you're using an older site theme, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the newest version.

Adding an Upsell to a Landing Page

When you set up the Upsell in your Course Builder, if you selected Show on Landing Page, the upsell will appear in the upsell section of that page.

To add an upsell section to your course landing page, you can go to the Page Builder tab in your Course Builder for that particular course and select Add Section. Choose Course Upsells (or the name of your site theme's section that contains upsells):

You can change the title of your upsells section and other options by clicking on the section to view its options. Your upsell section's option will depend on which site theme you have applied.

Select Save Changes to confirm the addition of the upsell section.

Viewing the Thank You Page Upsell

The thank you page will appear to your newly enrolled student after they have paid for the course.

You can view the upsell on your thank you page by clicking on Preview Site in your Admin Dashboard and then enrolling in the course. Create a coupon to jump through the checkout process!

Here's a quick video demo of how it works!

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