Custom Themes (For Developers)

Our Custom Themes feature allows you to completely customize the appearance of your Thinkific site, by giving you access to the HTML/CSS.

Themes are based on a templating language called Liquid. If you're familiar with HTML/CSS, you should find Liquid fairly easy to use. Here's where you can find some information to help you get started:

A full list of the available Liquid variables for Thinkific can be found here.

Included below are some basic instructions and best practice guidelines for using Custom Themes.

For details on what we can and cannot provide support with for Custom Themes, please see here

How to Use Themes

Click on Themes within your Dashboard. 


This is what the Themes page of your admin dashboard will look like by default. From here you can select a default theme to be applied to your Course Landing pages. To edit the HTML and CSS of the site you will want to click on My Themes. 


Within the My Themes section you will have the option to create or edit an existing theme. 


You can select any of the options down the left hand side to access the code for customization. 

Making your theme live on your site

For changes to the theme to be reflected on your site, you'll need to enable the theme. To do this, hit the Theme Settings button and select the checkbox for Enable this theme. You can also switch the theme on and off for individual site pages using the additional checkboxes.
Once you've saved the changes, your theme will be live!

Enabling the theme for a course landing page
If you've created a custom course landing page, be sure to also enable that for any courses that you'd like it to be used for. To clarify: if you want these changes to affect your Course Landing Pages, you will need to enable the Theme for each course!
To do that, go to My Courses to open up the course builder for the course. On the Design tab under Course Landing Page Layout, select 'Custom' and then choose the name of your custom landing page from the dropdown list.
Hit Save and your theme is now enabled for that course!

Best practice for using themes

If you already have an active theme for your site, next time you come back to make some further customizations, start by making a copy of your theme.
That way you can test out changes to the theme without affecting the live version on the site, and if anything happens to break you can simply start again by making another copy!

For details on what we can and cannot provide support on with Themes, please see here.

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