What is Thinkific?

This article will help you understand who we are, what we do, and how you can get started!

Setting Up Your Thinkific Website

This article will provide you with a roadmap to launching your first online course from your own Thinkific course site!

How to Get Help

Need a hand? No problem! You can count on our industry-leading support to be there when you have a technical issue, question, suggestion - anything! We love hearing from you.

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The Thinkific Student Experience

With Thinkific, the student experience is paramount! We'll walk you through everything the student engages with, including enrollment, the course player, and how to troubleshoot student issues.

Ways to Teach Using Thinkific

Read all about the types of lessons and content you can create and host on Thinkific.

Designing Your Course With Thinkific

Ready to design the course of your dreams? This article will outline the basic ways in which you can set up and customize your site and the differences between our course and site landing pages, and site theme selections.

Integrating Thinkific With Your Existing Website

If you have an existing website (e.g. hosted on Wordpress, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix etc) and want to integrate it with, or link to your Thinkific website, read on!

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Migrating to Thinkific

With this guide, you’ll have everything you need to make your move as smooth as possible.

Bulk Student Import and Enrollment Instructions

Bulk student import and enrollments are a paid service performed by Thinkific to help you create and enroll several students at once in your course site. You can submit a request for a quote for an import here.

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Moving Your Education Business Online (Checklist)

We’ve prepared this handy checklist to help you start teaching online successfully.

Grow Your Online Business With Education (Checklist)

Hey! You’ve decided to start teaching online? That’s great! The best way to get started teaching online is with a short pilot course. This will allow you to test out your ideas and start building your audience - the ideal recipe for the successful launch of a full-length course further down the road.

Migrating to Thinkific (Checklist)

We’ve prepared this simple checklist to help you make the move to Thinkific smoothly.

Getting Started on the Advanced Plan (Checklist)

Here is a getting started checklist for the Thinkific Advanced Plan. It will go over all the of key items you will want to set up when getting started with Thinkific on the Advanced Plan.

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