When a Member Leaves Churn and Attrition Rate

While I love that thinkific is so focused on making a great learning tool, as a business tool, I'm missing some key points.

I would love to know (and to be able to filter) on if a person has an active membership (most of my students have yearly/monthly subscriptions). I need to then delete them from Mailchimp and my Facebook group.

I currently have zapier setup to alert me if stripe cancels a subscription. but I would love a report where I could see in November I had 45 active members and in December I had 67. When you're running a membership site Churn rate is a key statistic. 

When I look at subscriptions in Stripe, it's not carrying over information to even see the name of the subscription. I do consulting and other things in stripe, so it gets very muddy as not all payments are from thinkific. 

If I send an email, does it go to people who don't have an active subscription? I don't normally email from Thnkific, but it would be good to know. 

Are there any tools to track how my membership is doing?

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Hi Dave!

Thanks for the feedback! Our product team is always looking to improve our advanced search filters on the Users page so I will pass this on to them. 

In the meantime, you can enable notifications when a student cancels their subscription on the Notifications page on the admin dashboard so you get an email every time someone cancels:


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