Copy / paste lessons between courses

I find that often I want to re-use chapters or pieces of chapters between different courses.  Especially for quizzes, this is very time-consuming to rebuild and then I always have to do the QA step to be sure it works properly.

Is there a plan to offer a copy/paste function across courses for needs like this?


Hi Greg!

Currently, we don't have a way to copy content from one course to another. I'll make sure to pass this feedback to our product team. In the meantime for quizzes, you can create the quiz on our import template. In this way you can then add the quiz into any course easily. 

I AGREE -- copying lessons from one course to the next is a MUCH needed feature. Please consider this soon!

I came here looking for the same ability and was sorry to see that it is not available. Is there anyway to export content and then import it into another course?


How about moving a movie from one CHAPTER to another?  I can't seem to find this function.

Hi David!

Currently, we don't have the ability to import export your course content. You would have to manually copy and paste them into the other course. 

Hi Phil!

You can simply drag and drop a lesson into different position in the curriculum:


Thanks!  I figured it out right after I posted the question.  Great quick response!

Really need this function - it could save so much time.

I was told to make a course a bundle. This way it could be shared in multiple other programs. 

With that said, wouldn't I have to have the module published for people to access it. However I don't want them showing on my site as individual products.

Hi Kourtney!

You can set the courses as hidden and private so that they only show up in the bundle and can only be purchased as part of the bundle. 

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