How do I delete a student?

One of my students has asked for their account to be removed from my Thinkific school, how can they end their account? 

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In order for a student to delete their account, they will need to get in touch with you (the site owner) to do so. We highly recommend confirming that they want to delete their account and double checking that they're contacting you from the email on file to make sure you don't delete them by accident as you will not be able to restore their account progress/details if it was deleted by accident.

Once you've confirmed they wish to completely delete their account, go into the Users section of your dashboard, and find the student. Beside their name should be a trash can icon which you can use to delete the account. You should be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the account and you'll need to press "Yes" to finalize the deletion. 

If the student had any active subscriptions on their account, you'll need to cancel their subscription in Stripe manually as well - you can read more about how to do that here.

I can't see the trash button beside the student name when I access users section through dash board. I have a number of users who have made their accounts, but not enrolled in any course, and have not been active for a long time.

Hi Ali!

On the users table you can scroll to the right. At the end of the table you should be able to see the trash can icon.

I signed up to test and now I want to delete my test account yet I can't as a user or Admin.  I don't see a trash can any where in the User section. Even when I click the box next to their name.  

Hi Andrea,

Sorry about that - our Users page has changed since this post was written! To delete your user, find them in your users list and select the "..." icon to bring up the option to delete (you might need to scroll to the right to see this option)

Hope that helps!



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Wow, do I feel stupid!!!  It was there the whole time!  Never clicked the "..." - Thanks, Catherine! :-)

No problem - happy to help!

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