Can I autoplay all sections in a chapter?

I have a chapter comprised of 10 short videos. I want my students to be able to:

- first time they watch all videos continuously, 

- subsequent times be able to pick and choose the sections they want to go into. 

Is this possible? 

I have set each video to autoplay, but after clicking NEXT, they are shown a screen where they have to select which section to do next. 

Hi Eleanor!

Those pages in between each lesson are meant to give students a quick break and show them their progress. It helps to keep the student from dropping off and increase completion rates. They can also continue to click on the Next button to jump into the next lesson instead of choosing which one to see. 

Currently, we're not able to remove those pages but I will let the product team know that you're looking for this feature!

Automatically going to the next lesson when you click next would be much better, they can see their progress on the side panel so no need to bring it up in between each video and have them select the next video.

I agree. There is too much clicking, as they already click next.

Agree! I did some user testing of my course and they found the extra step unnecessary or even confusing. Hoping that you will add a feature to make the step optional into your backlog! 

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