Closing cart for payment plans

I'm developing a site for a friend and we've had 50 enrollment into a course. I want to close the cart so no one even with the direct web address can see the sales page but I don't think that's possible with Thinkific? The biggest problem is the sign in page for existing students keeps showing the payment plan as an option and I'm worried that if I delete the payment plan, those people on the payment plan won't pay their final amounts. I hope this makes sense? Basically we want to have a fixed period of time for cart open and then close the doors - how do we do this? Thanks!! Bec

Hi Ricci-Jane!

You can set your course as private. In this way it will hide the buy button on the banner section. You can delete the payment plan options and this won't affect students that are already enrolled with this option. They will continue paying until all the payments are made.  

If you are using our updated page builder, you can simply delete the buy buttons that are linking to the payment plan. 

Hope this helps!

Awesome - thanks Oliver!

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