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I have a limited time course. Can I set it up so my clients can buy an extension for the time so they can stay in their same course and not lose their work? This is really important for them as they are learning math topics and those that need more time don't want to start over, just finish from where they are. Not all of my clients need this but some do and the extension is a revenue generator for me.

Thank you.

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Hi Tamalia!

When a course expires for a student, they can repurchase the course again. This will essentially extend their access for the same amount of time and can continue with the same progress they have. If you don't want them to extend for the same time, you can set up an additional pricing option with a different expiration time. 

Hope this helps!

Hi Oliver,

This almost answers my question... but can the additional pricing option only appear AFTER the initial purchase. For example, our students purchase 180 day access to a course but for any variety of reasons, now want to buy either 30, 60 or 90 MORE days (add-on). We don't offer the shorter terms initially because they get access to our course manual, mock exams, etc. so if we offered 30 days up front, nobody would buy the first 180 day package and  they would still get all the materials. So the ideal scenario would be an extension to a time limited course that has already been purchased. First you buy the 180, then if you want to extend that for another 30, 60 or 90 days you can.

Hope that makes sense.

Diane (for Katelyn)

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