Adding Social Media Follow Buttons to Your Site

Social media icons are a great way to improve the visibility of your business online. Below we show you how to generate social media follow buttons for the most common social networks.

How to generate social media follow buttons

1. Twitter Follow Button

Visit and select "Twitter Buttons" to customize your button's featured account (i.e. the account you want people to follow), size, and language. Then copy and paste the HTML code it generates into where you want the button to appear on your Thinkific site. (Note: For more customization options, such as showing your follower count next to the button, check out Twitter's documentation here.)

2. LinkedIn Follow Company Plugin

Build your Company Profile Plugin by visiting, entering your company name, and selecting your desired display mode. You can choose to display everything in-line (see the example below), or go for a hover effect (when hovered over, the simple follow button expands to show more information about your company). You can also choose whether you want visitors to see a list of their LinkedIn connections who work at your company. Then grab the code and you're ready to to embed the plugin on your site.

3. Youtube Subscribe Button

To create a YouTube Subscribe Button, visit, enter the name of your company's YouTube channel, select a button size and color theme, decide whether you want to display your logo, and decide whether you want to display your follower count shown or hidden. Then copy and paste the code onto your Thinkific site where you'd like the button to appear.

4. Facebook Follow Button 

Visit to customize your button. Then generate the code (available in HTML5, XFBML, IFRAME, or a URL), and place it on your website where you want your Follow Button to appear.

For more information on how to create social media buttons, check out this article by Hubspot.

And please comment below if you have any questions/extra tips at all!

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