How can I create a time-limited free trial?

If you want to set up a trial where students can preview content for a limited amount of time before purchasing an entire course, you can set that up a few different ways on Thinkific!

1. Set up your pricing for the course as a Payment Plan or Subscription. Then, offer a one-month free trial where you capture the student's billing information upfront, so they'll automatically be charged at the end of the trial period. You'd simply need to set up your course as either a subscription or a payment plan of two or more payments, and then issue a coupon code for 100% off the first month only. So, for example, if you price the course at 2 payments of $100, then when a student signs up with the coupon code, they would be billed for $100 on the first day of the second month they have access.

2. Offer free trial content until a certain date (e.g. free until May 1)You can do this by simply unchecking the "free trial" box in each of the modules set as free trial.

3. Create a free course with limited content, then upsell the paid course on the course landing page. Similar to option 2, this would not take the student's card upfront, but would require payment for the student to access the full paid course. You could then unpublish the course on a certain date so it no longer shows up for students.

Any questions? Let us know below!

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