Customize the Buy button in the Horizon Theme (pre-v2 Themes)

I am using the Horizon Theme. How do you customize the Buy button to have a different word, such as Register or Enroll? Thank you.

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Hi Suzanne!

You can follow the instructions on this forum post (Request #1) but instead of going to Snippets>course_landing_page_actions_buttons, go to Snippets>horizon-1-6-3v1-1-2_course_landing_page_action_buttons:


Hope this helps!

Thank you Oliver, it worked for the top button! I changed it to Enroll. Now the button on the bottom of the page still says Buy, and I don't see similar code to change the bottom of the page CTA button. Suggestions?

Hi Suzanne!

Sorry I missed that button! To changed this bottom one you can follow the exact instructions on Request #1. This one is controlled by Snippets>course_landing_page_actions_buttons


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Thank you again Oliver, it's working!!!!  I SO appreciate your mini coding support. Thinkific rocks!!!


Thank you Oliver, it works!  I'm very grateful for your mini coding support. 

Thinkific support rocks!


Hi, I am trying to costumiez the buy button on the heather and the card (I don't want de display the price). I can't find the "horizon-1-6-3v1-1-2_course_landing_page_action_buttons" In snippet folder? Can you help me with this please?

Hi Marilyn!

You might on be on the latest version of our Themes. Send us a quick message through and we can take a look for you.


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