Is there a good way to support offline viewing on Thinkific?

I'm curious as to whether or not there is an offline mode, or a good way to share content while unconnected that would still keep the content relatively protected. Or at least some suggestions to point the way.

Hi Bill,

If you want students to be able to view your content offline, then you are able to make most content types (e.g. video, audio, PDFs) downloadable.

The best way to protect that content from unauthorised sharing is to add a watermark/copyright line to your videos and PDFs. For audio, you can add in a line about you and your business/website.

You could also include a term about unauthorised distribution in your site's terms of use. More on that here.

Hope that helps!



Hi Catherine how is this possible on the mobile or tablet? I'm trying to give my students the ability to download on their iPhones but it doesn't give them an option to save anywhere just to loads in a safari tab. Any ideas?

Hi Andy!

Currently this is a limitation on the mobile browsers and devices which don't usually allow files to be downloaded to your phone. A possible workaround use a third party app that will let you download and manage those files. 

Hope this helps!

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