Can Students access their answers after completing the course?

Is it possible to have students record answers via a quiz or survey during the course and then provide them with the option of saving or printing out their answers?

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Hi Jennifer!

For quizzes, if no passing grade is set, students would be able to see their answers within the course player and could print it from there. Survey answers are only available to you as the instructor after submission right now.

My recommendation would actually be to use Typeform because you can have users' responses emailed to them upon completion of a quiz or survey. You can also use Typeform with your courses seamlessly using the multimedia lesson type.

If you have any further questions at all, then just let us know.




My question is: can the student continue to access the course after completion?

Thank you.


Hi Diane!

Yes, as long as their enrollment hasn't expired, they will be able to go into the course and review the content. 

Hope this helps!

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Thank You...

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