Removing the "Taught by: Instructor" from header image

 I'd like to remove all of the text from the header image area. I've figured out the title. How do I remove the Instructor?

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Hi Nevin!

To do that, head to Advanced Settings > Modify on your admin dashboard. From this area, you can modify various snippets of text from around your site including the "Taught by" snippet for the instructor.

If you'd like this text not to show at all, select to "Customise" this snippet, type in a blank space, and "Save".

And that's it!

If you have any further questions at all, then just let us know.



Any idea how to change the "About the Instructor" part, as in the Heading itself? I need it in a different language, most other parts of the site have changed, but not that part.


If I would like my name not to appear either, how do I edit/customize this? (My banner image will contain all of the necessary info, as well as the area below the banner.)

Thank you in advance!


Hi Sascha!

I think you may have spotted a missing translation there! If you can please send a message over to our support team we'll do some digging into that for you.



Hi Patricia!

Looks like you perhaps got this figured out, but if you head to Landing Page > Banner and then make the banner subtitle field blank it will remove the instructor name :)



Hey Catherine,
When I leave the subtitle field blank it still shows the instructor name. The only way I found to remove it is not to name the instructor. :-/


Hi Nevin,

Hmm, interesting - it worked when I tried it out! I think it may depend on which theme version you're using. Thanks for the tip!



I removed all my information from the "About the Intructor" area, but I can't seem to get rid of that section all together. How do we do that? I also did what you recommended in the Advanced Settings Admin Dashboard section. That worked, but I can't get the course landing page to hide the About the Instructor section... Help!

Hi Myrene,

You would be able to remove that section by deleting it from the HTML of your Theme. Happy to send you some instructions for that, but first do you mind me asking why you're looking to delete that section? It's a great opportunity to tell potential students more about you and your expertise, giving them confidence in signing up for your course.

Feel free to get in touch with the team directly and we'll take it from there!



I am currently using the video course page theme and need to remove the "taught by (Instructor name)" and the little design line just before it that is on the banner.  There is no field anywhere that allows me to blank and remove this. I cannot get it to go away even after blanking out all the other fields (title/subtitle) on the banner editing page as instructed. My admin dashboard has no "advanced settings" tab, and there is nothing like that under the normal "settings" tab either so I cannot go that route.  I have tried almost every theme to see if one clears this when the fields are blank (as you said it worked for you when you did it but didn't specify which theme you tried it on), to no avail. Theme doesn't appear to make a difference in capability with the banner.  I do not want to blank out ALL instructor information on the page. 

How do I remove this field from the banner in this theme? 

Hi Shelly!

We're happy to help you remove the text. Can you send us a quick message to and someone will get you sorted out!


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