Customize Sales Widgets

I would like the sales widgets that I put on my website to look the same as the course cards do on my Thinkific site. I'm disappointed that the course card description doesn't appear on the widget. Is there a way to add the description somehow?

Hi Robin,

There's no easy way to do that right now. You can go here to submit a request directly to our product team for consideration:

For now, my recommendation would be perhaps to add a little description above or below where you're adding it on your website.

Do you think that would work?

If not, please send a link to your website over to our support team and we'll come up with some solutions for you :) Reach them here:



Thank you, Catherine. I guess I could just copy the course card as an image and link it to my sales page. It just seemed as though the widget should look the same as the course card. Can you put that on a wishlist for future development?

Hi Robin!

Great idea for a workaround :)

And happy to pass on your feedback! You can also go here to submit your feedback directly to our product team:



Can we add a coupon code to a sales widget?

I'd like to offer 2 or 3 tiers on my sales page, with the 1st tier being just one course, then 2nd tier being a bundle and the 3rd tier being an even better bundle but offered at a reduced price than what that bundle actually costs.

I know I can probably duplicate that last bundle, hide it from my courses and then just price it at the lower price that I'd like.

Just thought there might be an easier way to do this.



Hi Guy,

There isn't a way to add a coupon code to a sales widget right now, but it's a great idea and definitely something we can consider for the future! You can go here to submit your feedback directly to our product team:

For your question about tiered pricing, I started a new thread for that here:



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