What triggers course completion and certificate delivery?

I'm wondering what goes on behind the scenes with course completion. I read this article but was hoping for some additional clarification.

I have a course that has an "Estimated Time to Complete" of 1 hour.

I also have a quiz that "Requires a Passing Grade" of 70%

I have three chapters  with some multimedia pages and some text pages.

What will ultimately trigger the delivery of  the certificate? Does the person have to have a green checkmark by each of the content pages in the course? I noticed that by taking the quiz alone, and getting 70% that it did not trigger the certificate delivery. Any specific insight here would be great.

On a similar note, I haven't seen a feature where you select certain content pages as *REQUIRED* while having other pages optional. I think this relates to the idea of having prerequisites though, which is another discussion. Any insight here would be helpful

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Hey Jordan!

Happy to help.

For a course to be 100% complete, there needs to be green tick for each lesson. For some lesson types, that just means hitting the green NEXT button in the bottom right of the course player. But for others - e.g. quizzes - the student will also need to pass the quiz to get the green tick.

Once the course is 100% complete, the student will be able to claim their completion certificate.

We don't have the concept of required vs non-required lessons right now, but it's definitely something we're considering for the future (go here to add your vote).

For now, if you have some non-compulsory lessons I'd recommend combining them into a single Downloads lesson at the end of the course (like a "Bonuses" section).

If you have something specific that you're trying to achieve here, then our support team will find a solution for you - reach them directly here.



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