Hide course curriculum section from my landing page

How do i hide course curriculum section from my landing page Horizon theme?

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Hi Nancy,

Very shortly we'll be releasing a change that will make this much easier! So if you'd like to avoid playing with code, and can wait a little to do this, then I definitely would ;)

If not, then you can find the code for the curriculum and highlight it as shown in the screenshot below:


Then hit Ctrl or Cmd + / to "comment out" (i.e. deactivate) that code:


Save your changes by going to File > Save and that's it!



Thank you for this... I am left with the / on the screen in place of the text I've deleted... how can I get rid of that please?

Hi Sarah,

It looks like you may have hit just "/" rather than "Ctrl + /" or "Cmd + ?" when commenting out the code.

No worries, you can also just completely delete the section if you like (that works too!)

I've put the theme back to the way it was and commented out that section for you - for some reason the "/" was showing in About the Instructor?!

I hope that helps! You'll be pleased to know we have a drag-and-drop editor soon that will make it much easier to add/delete sections. Watch out for news of that in the coming weeks :)



IS EASY FIX AVAILABLE? To hide course curriculum section from my landing page. 

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Hi Greg!

Looks like you're currently using our Default Theme - we have some instructions for removing the curriculum from the Default Theme here.

Or, if you can wait a few weeks I definitely would - our drag-and-drop course landing page builder will enable you to move/delete sections, no code required :)



When are "the few weeks" over?! 

Would really help me as well!


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Hi Malin!

Sorry to keep you waiting on this! We definitely want to release the new feature asap! We're just doing some final testing to make sure everything works properly. 

Keep an eye out for any notifications on your admin dashboard!




I ´m building a website with a blog and I need to integrate an LMS, this client wants the look and feel exactly as his site. Is it possible to upload the HTML and CSS file? In order to have your own template? 

Hi Valentina!

You can export your current Theme on your Thinkific site first. Open this file and add your CSS and HTML code into this. Then you can import this modified Theme back into Thinkific. You can also check out this article to see how customizations are made: Custom Themes. 

Hope this helps!

is the quick fix ready yet? I'm scared to do the codey thing/

Hi Ellen! 

Yes, the new updated page builder is available now! You can check out these articles for more info:

Hope this helps

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